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Kizi Spielmann Rose: MFA Thesis Exhibition / Karsh Masson Gallery

  • Karsh Masson Gallery 110 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1 Canada (map)

Karsh-Masson Gallery
Ottawa City Hall
110 Laurier Ave. West
August 5-15
Vernissage August 10, 5:30-7:30pm

In Pulse, Kizi Spielmann Rose presents a series of paintings whose undulating surfaces are reminiscent of rippling water and topographic mapping. They are created through a process of layering multiple coats of pigment atop one another and finally etching through the top layers to reveal the bottom. Serpentine lines carve their way through oil stick, revealing hues of oil pastel beneath. The topographic illusion is produced as the lines approach and retreat from each other, tracing the contours of some unspecified terrain. These works share an affiliation with the modernist tendency towards procedural and material-driven abstractions that foreground the painting as object, but simultaneously complicate this by embracing a kind of pictorialism through visual allusions to light, liquid, and mapping.  The paintings on view in Pulse vary widely within the theme. A network quality exists between these works, where similar materials, procedures, forms and techniques are stretched, manipulated, and experimented with in order to produce difference within repetition and a sense of rhythmic variation between discreet paintings. 

Kizi Spielmann Rose is a graduate student in painting at the University of Ottawa, and holds a BFA from NSCAD University. Recent exhibitions include Fresh Paint/New Constructions at Montreal’s Art Mûr gallery and Wild Wild Life, a solo graduate exhibition at Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax. Accolades include a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant and the Robert Pope Foundation Painting Scholarship.